Am I ok: How to keep a check on ourselves?

As we get caught up in our everyday life we barely remember to look up on our mental health. Sometimes, because of lack of attention towards our mental well-being we fail to realize that it has been suffering since long. If you never take out time for figuring this out, stress or anxiety will start building up, leading towards burn out. Return to stillness, to relax and check-in with yourself to see if you are calm and appreciate yourself, even on your most hectic days.

You must be thinking that why mental health is important, then you must understand that it not only impacts you, but the ones around you too. Mental health includes emotional, behavioral, psychological and social well-being. Mental health is of utmost importance at all the stages of our life be it childhood, adolescence or adulthood, it should never be ignored or taken for granted.

Now, you might think that you are okay, until you find yourself struggling with the most basic things. This is not how you are supposed to be so start with today. It is absolutely fine if you stop checking others and check yourself first. This is not being selfish this is called self-love which is the most important feeling to be felt by yourselves, for yourself.

At first, you might feel that the feeling of being stressed out is normal or is maybe due to work pressure but, if you see yourself stressed out or in anxiety or, if you think that you are being unhappy/sad very frequently then you must start having a check on yourself. Realizing that you are not okay is absolutely okay. You do not have to feel ashamed of yourself or feel guilty about anything. This is normal and common. You do not have to believe that you are alone, because you are not.

Now, as I think that if someone is having any disorder or is maybe under any mental health illness, they should be aware of what exactly their issue is which can help them in better understanding of what they are going through so, here I am listing few common symptoms of having mental health issue:

  1. Aches and pain
  2. Nausea
  3. Bloating
  4. Low energy or sleeping problems
  5. High blood pressure
  6. Appetite and weight change

So, you can keep the above symptoms in mind whenever you feel something is wrong. As now you must have understood that you are not alone or nothing is difficult there are very simple things that you can try out. Either you can talk to a mental health professional or you can talk to a trusted family member or friends. By doing so you can spill out all the stuff that you may have burdened yourself with. Once you try talking out, I can assure you that you will feel very light and better. Now, some people find it hard to talk to someone or reach out to someone then in this case, start with the most basic step and that is, you can start writing down whatever you feel. This will also work the same way as talking out to someone. In both the cases you can lighten up yourself and feel better, but I still recommend you to reach out to anyone who you feel you can trust the most.

Now, to give yourself a check and to make sure that you are okay you can take a break from your work and do the things that you love and always wanted to do. You should go for a casual run on a sunny afternoon or take a nap in the middle of your lunch break, you can choose to do all these things if that’s what gives you some stillness and rest. It’s you who needs to stay healthy and feel loved. Making yourself a priority never harmed anyone so, why not?

Similarly, if you see someone going through tough times make sure you keep a check on them too. Doing a self-check is priority but making sure that the people you are around are fine too is also important. By doing so you are not only making them feel better but you also encourage other people to have a check on themselves and this can be done very simply by asking yourself: Am I ok? And the ones around you: Are you ok? The world will be a better place to live in.


I never openly talk about social issues often but, I feel talking about it should be mandatory so that people around us can be aware of the fact that if something is not happening with them, does not mean it is not happening with others (rape, discrimination, murder, dowry, etc.). After the most recent rape that took place, I think it is enough of the suffering. We should all start raising our voices (men and women) for issues that are against the law or human rights. IF NOT US THEN WHO?!

Manisha, Nirbhaya, Damini, Priyanka, and the list is endless as we are living in a country where RAPE is the 4th most heinous crime against women. According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), 33,356 rape cases are reported across the country which makes it on an average of 91 rapes daily.

I truly respect each and every citizen of my country excluding the ones that make all of us feel ashamed by; eve-teasing, raping, or doing offensive acts that ruin the idea of having freedom. I never wanted to be loud about it as discussing topics like; women’s equality, fighting for patriarchy and misogyny, or educating men and women does not carry much value according to few. Moreover, men in several states believe women are meant to be suppressed and should never raise their voice against men (even if they are doing something inhuman) as they are “weak”. Every time a woman raises her voice she is either killed or tortured, and they stop speaking for themselves and others. We do not need to find voices to speak for us because we have a voice. We just need to have the courage and strength to shout out loud and fight for the rights that were taken away from us by the poor mentality of this society.

Men who have no idea about what exactly respecting women means, come up with statements like; I have a sister and a mother and that is why I know why I should pay respect to girls/women. First of all, man the hell up! Every person on this planet is related to a WOMAN. I mean, what if you didn’t have a mother or sister, would you not respect the rest of us? Like dude? What the hell? Men like these need to get one thing straight into their trash bags that YOU CANNOT EXIST WITHOUT A WOMAN and you think you will respect only if you have a mother/sister, or treat others in whichever manner you feel like? You are highly mistaken! WE ARE NOT AN OBJECT! Nobody has given them the right to treat us according to their moods, we have the power in us to stop them and shall find it within us without being scared of “LOG KYA SOCHENGEY”, because after all what else were they taught.

The only way to stop letting men suppress is by standing for what you think is right. Some people have this notion that we are not capable of handling ourselves and we need “some male” to be with us, which is something that acts as a barrier for letting us become independent completely and, show all those animals that they JUST CANNOT DO ANYTHING without our permission. If they try to do so, be confident, and show who you really are, and fight back. The time where women used to be quiet is now gone, we are capable of literally anything and everything. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!

NOTE: If you guys (not all the guys) think suppressing a women makes you look strong and bold, actually no! YOU LOOK LIKE A COWARD HIDING BEHIND A WOMAN FOREVER!! Respecting a woman, making her feel safe, and standing up with her is what actually makes you a MAN!



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